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Air Conditioner Replacement in Silver Spring, MD

AC Replacement Silver Spring, MD

After enjoying a concert at Silver Plaza on a warm summer evening, you don’t want to come home to find your air conditioner is not working. You can always call for repair, but if you have an older system or experience frequent breakdowns, replacement may be the best option for your time and wallet.

When you need air conditioner replacement in Silver Spring, MD, call Michael Bonsby Heating & Air Conditioning. We have been providing AC replacement services to Silver Spring home and business owners for over 20 years.

Our licensed, certified technicians can help you explore your options and find the perfect cooling system that meets your needs and budget, or simply replace your existing unit with an updated, energy-efficient model.

If you need to update your AC system, call us today! Dial 240-342-6910 to schedule air conditioner replacement in Silver Spring, MD or fill out an online contact form to get your FREE estimate.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

There are three main factors you should consider when deciding whether you need air conditioner replacement for your Silver Spring home or if AC repair will be sufficient: life expectancy, efficiency, and the current condition of your AC system

Air Conditioner Life Expectancy

Most air conditioners last around 10–15 years, depending on how well they were installed and how much maintenance the unit’s had. After AC systems start to lose efficiency, which can reduce your home comfort and your energy bills to rise. Older units may also require parts that have been discontinued, and these can be difficult and expensive to obtain.

If you’ve only had your air conditioner for a few years and it was properly installed and has been well-maintained, minor issues can usually be repaired. If your AC system is newer but underperforming, make sure you schedule your repair with the HVAC experts at Michael Bonsby now, before a minor issue turns into a larger problem.

AC Efficiency

You can save a significant amount of money on your energy costs each month by upgrading your older AC system to a more efficient air conditioner. Air conditioner technology is improving rapidly, so the newer your system is, the more you’ll save!

Current Condition of AC System

The most important thing to consider when deciding on an air conditioner replacement or repair is the condition of your existing air conditioner. Questions to ask when determining this are:

  • Was it made by a reputable manufacturer?
  • How often does your AC system break down?
  • Does the AC unit take a long time to heat or cool your home?
  • Are certain parts of your home hotter or colder than other parts, creating an uncomfortable living environment?

If your unit hasn’t been adequately maintained over the years, breaks down frequently, or isn’t as efficient as it could be, call Michael Bonsby Heating & Air Conditioning. We can come out and tell you definitively whether you need air conditioner replacement or repair, and we can take care of either job right away.

If you think you might need air conditioning replacement or repair in your Silver Spring home, call Michael Bonsby today at 240-342-6910!

Benefits of Air Conditioner Replacement in Silver Spring, MD

  • Reduced cooling costs– air conditioner technology is improving every day, and new, high-efficiency AC units can help you save on your cooling costs every month!
  • Improved comfort– with new developments in airflow technology, heating and cooling capacity, and moisture control, an air conditioner replacement can keep your Silver Spring home and family more comfortable than you ever expected!
  • Improved indoor air quality– the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that indoor air quality can be up to 100 times worse than the outdoor air. Fortunately, an air conditioner replacement provides better moisture control that will allow you to breathe easier in your Silver Spring-area home.
  • Dependability– when you have an older system, another repair might not be cost-effective. Replacing it with a new system will provide you with that peace of mind that comes from knowing your AC will last another 10–15 years.

When you work with us for your AC replacement, one of our AC replacement technicians in Silver Spring will help you decide on a system that fits your home and budget.

Preferred Air Conditioning Manufacturers

Michael Bonsby Heating & Air Conditioning offers replacement air conditioners from any manufacturer, including trusted names like:

Special Offers for AC Services

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Why Call Michael Bonsby for AC Replacement in Silver Spring, MD?

We have been providing air conditioning replacement services for home and building owners throughout Silver Spring for over 20 years. There are many reasons your neighbors come to us for all their AC and HVAC needs, such as:

  • We are a family-owned and -operated local HVAC company and guarantee customer satisfaction from start to finish
  • Our HVAC technicians are fully trained, educated, and licensed to perform work in Silver Spring, MD
  • We provide accurate quotes for time, materials, and equipment
  • Our company was featured as an HVAC provider on This Old House
  • We provide 24-hour HVAC service—usually by the next day!
  • We have special HVAC financing available, pending credit approval

Get a Free Estimate for AC Replacement in Silver Spring, MD

Replacing an old, inefficient AC system today can more than pay for itself in reduced monthly energy costs and increased comfort. If you’re ready to install a new unit, don’t wait— contact us today to schedule your Silver Spring, MD air conditioning replacement project.

Call Michael Bonsby Heating & Air Conditioning today at 240-342-6910 or contact us online for a FREE estimate on your AC replacement!

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