Air Conditioning Not Cooling? Find Out Why!

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It’s summertime in Maryland, and that means hot, hot steamy days. Most area homeowners cringe at even the thought of their cooling systems breaking down in July, August, and even September. Knowing the reasons your air conditioning may not be cooling can help you protect against a breakdown and can give you an idea of what to do if an issue does occur.

Common Reasons Your Air Conditioning System Is Not Working

One of the chief causes of an air conditioner not cooling is dust and debris. If you haven’t gotten around to scheduling your annual AC maintenance, it’s not too late to have a technician clean your system and make sure that everything is working properly. However, dust in your system isn’t the only reason for your air conditioner not cooling. The following issues can also keep you from staying cool:

  • A problem with your wiring. A faulty connection to your electrical system can cause your air conditioner to blow the circuit or not get enough power to operate in the first place.
  • A coolant leak. Another reason your air cooling system may not be working properly is a lack of coolant. This is almost always caused by a leak in the reservoir or the tubing leading to and from the system.
  • Operator error. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, another leading cause of your AC system not keeping your rooms as cool as you’d like is improper operation. If you leave windows and/or doors open when you’re trying to cool your home and/or if you have heavy furniture blocking your air vents, your system won’t be able to operate at peak efficiency.
  • Thermostat problems. If your system isn’t turning on or is turning off before it sufficiently cools your living spaces, a faulty thermostat is likely the issue. Fortunately, replacing the thermostat is an easy and affordable fix.

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