HVAC Trend: Relocating the Attic Air Handler

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Attic AC air handlers are typically installed in an unconditioned part of the home. But lately, we’re starting to see more and more HVAC companies install the unit in a conditioned room. This allows your air handler to cool itself, improving efficiency and extending the lifespan of the product. In other words, we approve!

Recent Changes in Attic AC Air Handlers

Did you know that your attic can get as hot as 130 degrees during Maryland’s hot summer months? When your air handler and ductwork are located in an area this hot, the cooled air can heat up before it ever has a chance to reach your living space. In such a scenario, your attic air handler has to work harder, using more energy than if the unit were located in a cooled space. Since the motor is running more frequently, the heat may also cause it to wear out more quickly than necessary.

As if this weren’t enough of a reason to relocate your attic air handler and ductwork, most attic ducts leak, causing cooled air to be siphoned off before it reaches your main living space. These ducts are generally located in hard to reach areas, so fixing them can be difficult.

To help correct these problems, there has been a recent push in the HVAC industry to relocate attic air handlers and ductwork to a conditioned room of the home.

Relocating your attic air handler is also a much “greener” option. You’ll not only save money on your electric bill, but the move will also help you save energy, further reducing your household’s carbon footprint.

Get Your Attic Air Handlers Installed Right with Michael Bonsby HVAC

Relocating your attic air handler can more than pay for itself in lower energy bills not to mention improved comfort. At Michael Bonsby Heating and Cooling, we have the experience and training to easily relocate your attic air handler to a conditioned area of your home. To learn more about making that energy-saving change or to schedule an appointment for your home in Maryland or Washington, DC, call us at 301 990-7970 or contact us online.

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