The Pros and Cons of Ductless Heat Pumps

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If you’re in the market for a new HVAC system in Maryland, a ductless heat pump is an efficient and effective choice that can be used to both heat AND cool your home. It works by transferring naturally-heated air from outside of your home to your living spaces rather than heating air via combustion as a force-air furnace does. In the summer, it acts in reverse to remove heat from your home and keep your living spaces cool and comfortable.

Since the air is naturally-heated, ductless heat pumps can help you reduce your carbon footprint and save on your monthly energy bills.

Benefits of Ductless Heating

Why install a ductless heating system in your Maryland or Washington, DC home?

  • Reduced energy consumption and lower monthly energy bills. Reducing your home’s energy consumption with ductless heating is not only kind to the environment, but it will save you money on your monthly utility bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average household of four can save $330 each year by making the switch.
  • Heating and cooling capabilities. A heat pump works to both heat and cool your home, ensuring year-round comfort for you and your family without the need for two separate systems.
  • Even temperatures. Unlike a forced-air system where one room can be much warmer (or colder) than the rest of the house, ductless heat pumps offer much more even heat.
  • Quiet operation. Forced-air furnaces can be noisy when the fan turns on and off, and ducts can rattle and hum. There are no such problems associated with a ductless heat pump!
  • Tax credits. If you purchase and install a geothermal heat pump system by the end of 2016, you can qualify for an energy saving tax credit on your federal tax return. Many local governments offer additional credits too.

When a Ductless Heat Pump Isn’t the Best Choice

Despite all of the many benefits associated with ductless heating, this type of system isn’t the right choice for every homeowner and every household. It’s important to consider that the initial installation cost tends to be higher than the average gas-powered, forced-air furnace. At the same time, however, you will only need to install one system for winter and summer as opposed to paying separate installation fees for a dedicated air conditioner and furnace.

Additionally, a ductless heat pump works best in areas where the average temperature rarely stays below freezing for an extended period. While that applies to Maryland and Washington, DC for the most part, there can be winters where the temperature dips and stays very low.

Ductless Heat Pump Installation in MD & DC

Deciding whether to invest in ductless heating for your Maryland or DC home doesn’t have to be confusing. Michael Bonsby Heating and Cooling can help you evaluate your options and expertly install the best system for you—whether that’s a ductless heat pump or another type of HVAC solution. To learn more about ductless heating and/or to schedule an appointment, call us at 301 990-7970 today.

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