Why Install a Mitsubishi Cooling System?

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If you’re suffering in the mid-summer heat, perhaps it’s time to think about installing a new cooling system. A Mitsubishi cooling system might just be the right choice for you and your family! Keep reading to find out.

About Mitsubishi Cooling Products

Mitsubishi manufactures a line of ductless cooling systems in multiple sizes. Mitsubishi ductless cooling systems are perfect for older homes with no ductwork in place or for rooms that are difficult to cool, such as a sun room, an attic bedroom, or even a garage.

Benefits of Mitsubishi Cooling Systems Include:

  • Versatility. Mitsubishi makes a product to suit almost any home, and you won’t need any ductwork to install it!
  • Energy savings. Mitsubishi ductless cooling systems save up to 40 percent more energy than traditional window cooling units. Plus, they don’t waste energy stopping and starting repeatedly like heat pump systems and traditional central cooling systems do.
  • Efficiency. Mitsubishi systems allow you to cool your home in zones, so that you’re not wasting energy cooling those rooms you rarely use.
  • Tax rebates. Mitsubishi cooling systems qualify for energy-saving tax credits from many utility companies, states, and municipalities.
  • Smart technology. Mitsubishi cooling systems can be operated remotely, using your smartphone. This allows you to save energy by turning on the system when you’re on the way home from work, rather than cooling the house for the entire day.
  • Quiet operation. Mitsubishi systems are much quieter than window or central AC systems.
  • More even temperatures. Since it doesn’t cycle on and off like a traditional system does, a Mitsubishi AC product will keep your rooms at a more constant, cool temperature.

Mitsubishi Cooling Installation in Maryland and Washington, DC

Staying cool this summer doesn’t have to be a hassle, no matter what type of home you own. At Michael Bonsby Heating and Cooling, we want you and your family to be cool and comfortable, even during the most severe heat waves. We’re Maryland and DC air conditioning specialists and can help you find the cooling system that works best for you, whether that’s a Mitsubishi cooling system or another product. Call us at 301 990-7970 today to schedule an appointment and learn more about Mitsubishi cooling systems.

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