Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioner System

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As the name implies, ductless air conditioning systems are those that do not rely on ductwork to deliver cool air. A ductless air conditioning system consists of two major components: a small indoor air delivery unit and a larger outdoor compressor unit. These systems are an affordable alternative to central HVAC systems, which require a network of ducts to move air. Ductless air conditioners are considered to be more efficient and easier to maintain than window air conditioners.

If you live in an old house in Germantown, Gaithersburg, Potomac, Clarksburg, or anywhere in the Montgomery County, MD area that has no ducts, or a newer house that does not use forced heat (and does not need ducts)—it can be a major expense to install a central air conditioning system. In this case, ductless air conditioners would be the best solution.

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Easy Installation

Ductless air conditioners can be installed much faster than central air conditioning units. Generally, a two-person crew would need at least a week to install the ductwork and other components of a central air conditioning system. A ductless mini split system usually can be installed—from start to finish—in a day.


Ductless air conditioners are highly convenient—mainly because they don’t take up much space and are very quiet. The compact size of these AC units makes them perfect for cooling small living spaces, such as apartments and dorm rooms. They are also excellent for cooling individual rooms in larger homes, including basements and attics, which are typically not ventilated well. The noise these units make is usually no more than a quiet hum.

Easy to Operate

Most ductless air conditioners come with a remote control that allows you to easily increase or lower the temperature of the air coming from your unit. This makes ductless air conditioning systems incredibly convenient.


Since ductless air conditioners use considerably less power than traditional air conditioners, you can expect to save money on your energy bill. If you use multiple units, you can control the room temperature of individual rooms, which is more efficient than using a central air conditioning system to cool your whole house.

Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

We’re proud to be one of the only HVAC companies in the Montgomery County, MD area that offers installation services for Mitsubishi air conditioners. Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in air conditioning systems for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Mitsubishi’s ductless air conditioners are quiet, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly.

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