Benefits of a Whole-Home Humidifier in the Winter

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Although the temperatures outside are getting colder throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C. that  doesn’t mean that you have to suffer from cold, dry air inside your home as well!  By installing a humidifier in Maryland or DC, you can improve your home’s air quality, allowing you to feel more comfortable during those long winter months

What is a Humidifier?

Humidifiers are appliances that add moisture into the air in the form of water vapor.  Humidifiers can add moisture to a single room or an entire house, depending on the type of humidifier.  The best method for adding moisture to an entire house is through a whole-home humidifier, which is attached to the HVAC system.

How Humidifiers Benefit Your Health

Humidifiers benefit your health and comfort in multiple ways.  First, adding moisture in the air helps combat dry, chapped skin and lips that occur during the dry, winter weather.  Second, dry, harsh air can create static electricity and subsequently, painful shocks during the winter.  Third, humidifiers improve the overall air quality in the home, relieving people who suffer from allergies and respiratory diseases such as asthma.  Lastly, moisture prevents cold, dry air from causing your membranes to become thinner, and therefore, installing a humidifier will make you less prone to nose bleeds.

How Humidifiers Benefit Your Home

Not only do residential humidifiers benefit your health, but they also benefit your home.  Dry air causes furniture and flooring to crack and become brittle, so installing a whole-home humidifier can help prolong the life of your home’s furnishings. Additionally, with a home humidifier, you can regulate the moisture in the air, so your home can save money on heating costs.  With moisture in the air, a room feels warmer than it actually is, and therefore, your family will feel warmer without increasing the heat in your home.

Even though extra humidity in the winter is good for your home, it is important to control that humidity.  Make sure to keep your humidifier’s humidity level low enough that you do not have a risk of mold or water damage in your home, but high enough to keep moisture in the air and keep your family comfortable all winter long.

If you live in Maryland or Washington, D.C. and want to prepare your home and HVAC system for the winter weather ahead, call Michael Bonsby HVAC & Plumbing in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  We can schedule an appointment for an HVAC inspection or install a new residential humidifier for your home!

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