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How to Deal With a Broken AC

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Having a broken AC unit makes for a stressful situation—especially since the summer months are usually pretty brutal in Germantown, Gaithersburg, Potomac, Clarksburg, and all throughout the Montgomery County, MD area. Nobody likes spending hundreds of dollars on AC repairs, so before you call anyone, make sure to check for some common problems. It’s possible you may be able to solve the AC problem (if it’s minor) on your own without having to spend any money at all.

Signs You Need to Schedule AC Compressor Repair

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It’s important for homeowners in Germantown, Gaithersburg, Potomac, Clarksburg, and throughout Montgomery County, MD to have a fully working air conditioning system for the hot months ahead. Summer 2012 was the third hottest summer on record for the U.S., according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and summer 2013 could be just as bad.

Have You Switched from R-22 to R-410A AC Units?

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Refrigerants are what make air conditioning your MD home possible. Contained within the coils of an air conditioner, these liquid agents cool and dehumidify indoor air. For many years, the most common refrigerant used in air conditioning systems was R-22, or Freon. Since R-22 is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon, however, it contains environmentally harmful ozone-depleting chlorine. As of 2010, the manufacture of systems using R-22 was prohibited, and by 2020, the production of R-22 itself must cease.

Should I Repair or Replace my AC Unit?

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One of the most common questions we receive here at Michael Bonsby Heating & Air Conditioning from our customers in Germantown, Gaithersburg, Potomac, Clarksburg, and throughout Montgomery County, MD is, “Should I repair or replace my air conditioning unit?” This is definitely an important question to consider as we approach the cooling season, especially since either repairing or replacing an AC unit is costly.

Why Your AC System Needs Routine Tune-Ups

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An AC system is a very important part of the home. When the summer months arrive in Germantown, Gaithersburg, Potomac, and Clarksburg, MD, homeowners throughout the area will turn on their AC systems to stay cool and comfortable in their homes. Unfortunately, many of these homeowners will soon discover their systems aren’t working properly.

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