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Do You Need a Humidifier?

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Winter is just around the corner and, with it, comes the dry air that causes static electricity and other problems. You know those uncomfortable little shocks that happen when you walk across the carpet to turn on the lights or when your skirt clings unattractively to your slip?

How to Deal With High Humidity

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The most common complaint in our area every summer is not the heat, but the humidity. Some days, it seems like you have to swim to move outside! High humidity, specifically in the 60 percent range and beyond, has a number of unfortunate effects, including but definitely not limited to:

Should You Install a Dehumidifier?

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Have you ever heard of “dry heat?” When people talk about places like Arizona, they talk about how it can be 100 F but it doesn’t feel as bad because it’s dry heat—basically, heat without any humidity. People usually consider dry heat a good thing, because let’s face it: the worst thing about summers here in Maryland isn’t the heat, it’s the humidity!

How to Turn Off Your Humidifier for the Summer

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Humidifiers are great for relieving dry air symptoms that come with winter. But winter is finally out the door – you won’t be needing that humidifier for a while! Many people forget to turn off their humidifiers in the spring, which can prevent your central air conditioner or dehumidifier from working properly. Fortunately, shutting down your humidifier is fairly easy and should be done as part of any spring cleaning project you take on.

Benefits of a Whole-Home Humidifier in the Winter

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Although the temperatures outside are getting colder throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C. that  doesn’t mean that you have to suffer from cold, dry air inside your home as well!  By installing a humidifier in Maryland or DC, you can improve your home’s air quality, allowing you to feel more comfortable during those long winter months

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