How to Clean a Moldy Air Conditioner

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While a clean air conditioner may help clear airborne allergens from a room or home, dirty air conditioners can negatively impact those in Germantown, Gaithersburg, Potomac, Clarksburg, and throughout the Montgomery County, MD area who suffer from allergies. Due to moist, warm conditions, the inside of an air conditioner is a prime breeding ground for mold and other bacteria.
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What Causes an Air Conditioner to Mold

Air conditioners, if kept unclean, may serve as suitable breeding areas for mold spores. As the condenser in an air conditioner cools the air, it draws moisture from the atmosphere. This effectively controls humidity in a room, but it also creates an especially damp local environment for mold. Keep in mind that as part of our AC tune-up service, we thoroughly clean AC components.

How to Clean a Moldy Air Conditioner

Cleaning mold from your air conditioner is a fairly easy process, but it will require some supplies. You’ll need to gather a vacuum cleaner, a long brush, a degreasing cleaner, and cloths or rags. You should also get a container for waste. Follow these steps:

Remove the Plate Filter

Using a screwdriver, remove the front plate filter from the air conditioning system. You may want to clean the filter with laundry detergent and water. Be sure to allow the filter to soak in a small pan of diluted detergent.

Remove the Plate

Having removed the filter from the front of the plate on your air conditioner, proceed by removing the grill plate itself. Continue by removing any other metal coverings—exposing the inside of your central AC unit.

Brush the Inside of the Air Conditioner

Using your brush and rags, clean the dust from the inside of your air conditioner system. Be gentle—you don’t want to break the delicate pieces inside your air conditioner. Continue by degreasing the inside of the unit and allow the degreaser to stand for about 20 minutes before gently washing the inner pieces with warm water.

Vacuum and Drain Excess Water

Before you return the front plate and filter to the air conditioner, vacuum the inside of your air conditioner system to remove any remaining dirt and mold spores. Use a cloth or towel to soak up any excess water that may be left over from the degreasing portion of the cleaning process.

Reinstall the Plate and Test Your System

At this point, you should reinstall the unit’s front plate and then test your air conditioner to ensure that it runs smoothly and without loud noises.

To protect the air quality in your home, perform this mold cleaning process about once a year. Not only will this benefit your health and the health of your family members, but it will extend the life of your air conditioner considerably. For professional AC cleaning service, contact Michael Bonsby Heating & Air Conditioning.

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