Heat Pump Replacement for James in Silver Spring

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A few weeks ago, Michael Bonsby HVAC & Plumbing installed a new, High Efficiency Heat Pump and Air Handler to replace a 15 year old system. On this job, our team used the new American Standard “Forefront” Air Handler. With the new air handler, we were able to tap the return into the side of the air handler and take it off the return box that the old one was on. When we performed our refrigerant leak test we actually found a leak that had been in the line set since the house was built! The siding installer punctured the suction line years ago and had “repaired” it with a 2” piece of garden hose and two radiator clamps. When we pulled a vacuum for the leak test, we applied 300-400 PSIG and could hear the leak.  The customer had been adding refrigerant for several years.  Now they are up and running with a brand new system and no leaks.

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