How to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

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With winter quickly approaching the Montgomery County, Maryland and Washington D.C. area, it is important to start preparing your home for the colder weather.  Without proper preparation, you can get caught with a very large utility bill.  However, if you follow the tips below you can save money and feel more comfortable in your home.

  1. Seal up Your Home.  Warm air can easily escape from windows and doors, allowing cold air to come into your home through cracks and crevices.  Seal areas around your windows and doors and insulate your attic and crawl spaces to keep warm out in, and cold are out.
  2. Replace/ Clean Furnace Filters.  Replacing or cleaning your air filters will make sure your furnace does not have to work overtime to produce heat. Cleaning air filters also improves your home’s air quality by allowing them to trap more air contaminates more easily.
  3. Reverse the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans.  Reverse the direction of your home’s ceiling fans to push warm air down.  This will help make the room feel warmer.
  4. Keep Chimney Damper Closed.  The chimney is one of the largest areas for hot air to escape because it is not well insulated.  Keep the damper closed to keep warm air inside.
  5. Use the Sunlight.  During the day, open the blinds in the rooms that are in direct sunlight.  The sunlight can naturally heat your home even if it is cold outside.
  6. Dress Appropriately.  Even though you are inside your home, it is important to dress appropriately for the weather outside.  Cover your feet and wear long sleeves so that you feel warmer without turning up the heat.
  7. Install a Programmable Thermostat.  Install a programmable thermostat in your home so that you can set your heating system to different temperatures depending on the time of day and if anyone is occupying the home.  A thermostat is especially helpful when you go away on vacation.
  8. Install a Humidifier.  During the winter, air becomes very dry.  By installing a humidifier in your home, you can help your family feel more comfortable but combating health problems associated with dry air.  In addition, with more moisture in the air, the temperature of the home feels warmer without raising the thermostat. For optimum benefits, keep the humidity level between 35 – 40%.

For more information on energy saving tips, or to have a furnace inspection before winter, call Michael Bonsby Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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