HVAC Tips for the Holidays

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The holidays are just around the corner, which means homeowners all over Maryland will be traveling, entertaining guests, and spending their time cooking, cleaning, and shopping for gifts. With so many things to take care of before your guests and relatives arrive or you leave to visit them, it’s easy to forget about your heating and cooling systems. But it doesn’t make them any less important! Neglecting your HVAC system can leave you vulnerable to fire and health hazards or expose your home to bursting pipes while you’re out of town.

Double check our list of HVAC tips to ensure a safe and happy holiday in your home:

  1. Keeping your home dust-free is one of the best ways to prepare your space for the holidays, whether you’ll be staying or going away. Over time, dust can accumulate in the air inside your home and can spread through your ductwork, exacerbating asthma and allergies for any house guests you may have.
  2. Replace the filters in your heating system to improve the indoor air quality of your space, so you can entertain guests without worry.
  3. Adjust the heat, whether you’re entertaining at home or heading out for the holidays. If you’re home, having more people in the house and cooking for them can create a warmer environment, reducing the need for high heat. If you’re away, make sure to keep your heat on to keep your pipes form bursting, but lower the temperature to keep your energy costs down.
  4. Make sure flammable items are kept away from your heating systems, especially blankets, presents, and decorations to avoid fire hazards. This is especially important with small children or pets running around the house.
  5. Routine HVAC maintenance is always recommended before the cold weather season but if you haven’t already scheduled yours, now’s the time. Your annual tune-up can help to ensure reliable warmth and comfort as you entertain guests and also prevent fires from clogged or dirty equipment.

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