Should You Install a Dehumidifier?

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Have you ever heard of “dry heat?” When people talk about places like Arizona, they talk about how it can be 100 F but it doesn’t feel as bad because it’s dry heat—basically, heat without any humidity. People usually consider dry heat a good thing, because let’s face it: the worst thing about summers here in Maryland isn’t the heat, it’s the humidity!

What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down

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We hope everyone enjoyed that frigid, seemingly endless winter, because according to the Farmer’s Almanac, this summer is going to be equally extreme. And while we absolutely recommend everyone schedule an air conditioner inspection, we also want to let people know what to do when the air conditioner breaks down!

The Top 10 Air Conditioner FAQs

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Everyone knows that air conditioning keeps your home cool during the summer, but it does much more than that! Willis Carrier, the “father of air conditioning”, defined it as

All About Programmable Thermostats

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You probably already know that turning up the thermostat during the summer can help you save big bucks as the mercury rises (and of course, doing the opposite during the winter has similar results!).

Senior HVAC Students Step Up Their HVAC Training

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Here’s something we love to see: seniors in the HVAC-R program at San Joaquin Valley College in California, eager to get their hands dirty and develop some real experience in the HVAC install world, recently turned their final exam on its head—in a good way!

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