Have You Switched from R-22 to R-410A AC Units?

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Refrigerants are what make air conditioning your MD home possible. Contained within the coils of an air conditioner, these liquid agents cool and dehumidify indoor air. For many years, the most common refrigerant used in air conditioning systems was R-22, or Freon. Since R-22 is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon, however, it contains environmentally harmful ozone-depleting chlorine. As of 2010, the manufacture of systems using R-22 was prohibited, and by 2020, the production of R-22 itself must cease.

New air conditioning systems must use ozone-friendly R-410A, or Puron. Since R-410A is an EPA-recognized chlorine-free refrigerant, it is considered ozone-friendly and beneficial to the environment.

MD Homeowners With R-22 Units are at a Disadvantage

As temperatures increase with the onset of spring, so, too, will the cost for repairing and refilling air conditioners with R-22. Here at Michael Bonsby Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve already started warning our customers in Germantown, Gaithersburg, Potomac, Clarksburg, and throughout the Montgomery County, MD area seeking AC repairs to be prepared for a dramatic jump in adding the gas that provides the coolant in these air conditioners. Compared to just a year ago, the price for putting Freon in a residential or commercial air conditioner will be far more expensive.

This price increase mostly impacts air conditioners that were manufactured before 2010. It’s being speculated that the cost of R-22 will increase by approximately five percent per year until it’s completely phased out.

This means now is the right time to schedule AC replacement and get that new R-410A AC system. Call us at 301-990-7970 to schedule replacement or keep reading to learn about the benefits of R-410A systems.

MD Homeowners Benefit From R-410A Units

Besides the fact that R-410A units are less damaging to the environment and less costly to repair (compared to old R-22 units), there are other advantages to using R-410A-based equipment. For one thing, equipment with R-410A is at least five percent more efficient than equipment with R-22. Also, R-410A-based compressors run cooler than R-22 compressors and, consequently, are less likely to overheat and burn out.

Another key benefit of R-410A AC systems is that they use new, synthetic lubricants which circulate more efficiently than the mineral oil used to lubricate R-22 system. This means less wear and tear on the unit’s moving parts. Finally, since they operate under higher pressure than R-22-based condensers, R-410A-based condensers are constructed with stronger, thicker shells—this reduces the noise and vibrations created by the compressor and puts less of a strain on the piping connections, which reduces the incidence of refrigerant leaks.

Not only will you be paying more if you have an R-22 AC unit, you’re missing out on a more efficient unit that’s easily available to you. Contact Michael Bonsby Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule installation of an R-410A AC system. We have been proudly serving MD for over two decades now, and we can’t wait to assist you.

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