What Are the Different Types of Air Conditioners?

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You’re probably familiar with central air conditioners. You’ve definitely seen those boxy portable air conditioners. But can you describe what a ductless air conditioner looks like? And have you ever even heard of a swamp cooler? There are a number of different types of air conditioners that you can install in your Montgomery County, MD home.

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Types of Air Conditioners

Central Air Conditioners – central air conditioners can be broken down into two different types—split system and packaged air conditioners:

Split system air conditioners – the more common of the two types of central air conditioners, split system air conditioners have the compressor / condenser housed in a unit outdoors and the evaporator indoors. The primary benefit of split system air conditioners is that they keep the noisy part outside! Split system air conditioners connect into your existing ductwork, cooling your home evenly and quietly.

Packaged central air conditioners – less common in homes than split system air conditioners, packaged air conditioners, as the name suggests, “package” the two components in a single unit, usually mounted on the roof or, occasionally, on a wall. If you’ve ever seen an air conditioning unit on the top of a building, you’ve seen a packaged central air conditioner.

Portable Air Conditioners – if you’ve ever lived in a small house or an apartment building, you’ve probably used a PTAC—portable terminal air conditioner. Portable air conditioners are typically noisier and less efficient than central air conditioners and cool a much smaller area than central air conditioners. That said, if you have limited space or a limited budget, you won’t do much better than a portable air conditioner.

Ductless Air Conditioners – we’ve talked extensively about the benefits of ductless air conditioners on this blog before—air conditioners that you can hook up throughout your home without installing ductwork. Ductless air conditioners can be thought of as a combination of split system central air conditioners and portable air conditioners—basically you have an outdoor unit that connects to multiple small indoor units connected via smaller conduits instead of ducts.

Evaporation Coolers – also called swamp coolers, evaporation coolers pull hot air through damp pads, evaporating the water in the pads. You won’t find many of these air conditioners in Maryland – they’re primarily used in places like Arizona where the dry heat is almost unbearable. Once the air is pulled through the pad and cooled, it is circulated through the house by means of a large blower fan. It might not seem like it, but swamp coolers can bring the temperature of a house down by as much as 30 F!

Now is the Time for New AC Installation

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