What Is Ductless Heating?

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Ductless heating is a heating and cooling system that works to deliver warm or cold air directly into areas of your home. They allow you to have direct zoned comfort so that you can control the temperature throughout your home. Due to the fact that there is no ductwork involved, they are often easier to care for and offer many advantages that central systems cannot offer.

How Do Ductless Heating Systems Work?

Ductless systems use two separate units to deliver heated or cooled air into your home. The outside unit sits outside your home and can be at ground level or elevated. A refrigerant line and group of cables will then connect through your home’s wall into an inside unit. These inside units are sleek and sit high up on your wall, delivering air straight into the room. The system can be controlled with a remote control so that you can easily change the temperature in any room throughout your home. Several units can be placed throughout your home to provide zoned heating and cooling. Each unit is controlled individually, allowing you to have different climates throughout your home.

Benefits of Ductless Heating

Ductless systems bring many benefits, here is a look at some of those benefits.

  • Cleaner air – due to the fact that there are no dirty ducts for the air that’s entering your home to travel through, ductless systems deliver cleaner air to your home. The air is brought in and filtered using a small filter in the inside unit, then delivered straight into your home.
  • Less expensive to install – if you don’t already have ductwork running through your home a ductless system will be less expensive to install, due to the fact that there is no need to install ducts throughout your whole home.
  • Greater energy efficiency – no ducts mean no holes, no air leaks and efficient delivery of cooled or warmed air into your home. An energy certified split system model can save you money on your energy costs.
  • Split heating and cooling – you can control each separate zone of your house. This means you can heat or cool only the rooms you are using or you can allow areas of your home to be at different temperatures throughout the day. This level of control allows you to control the comfort of your home better than a central system would.
  • One system can both heat and cool – one ductless unit can deliver both heating and cooling to your home. There is only one system to maintain and one system to replace when it’s time.

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