Drain Cleaning in Gaithersburg Area

Gaithersburg is full of homes of all ages and types, each with its own unique plumbing. Michael Bonsby HVAC & Plumbing plumbers know the area inside and out and have experience serving a wide range of building types, providing a variety of plumbing and drain cleaning services, including fixing clogged drains.

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Why Professional Drain Cleaning?

Clogged drains are a leading cause of leaks, and leaks bring all kinds of costly havoc to your home. Drain cleaning is a great way to take care of your plumbing and prevent harmful clogs from forming in your pipes.

Michael Bonsby provides drain cleaning services to help Gaithersburg homeowners prevent more costly damage to their homes or properties.

Drain Cleaning vs. Drain Clearing

Drain cleaning is a preventive plumbing service that prevents full-on coagulation of buildup inside your drains. If the buildup turns into a clog, drain clearing is needed to remove the clog. Both drain clearing and drain cleaning involve special equipment and methods to take care of your pipes without damaging them.

How Do I Know if My Drains Need Cleaning?

Buildup in your pipes is normal, especially over a long period of time. We recommend cleaning your drains once per year to prevent any buildup from turning into a clog. Some telltale signs your drains need cleaning are:

  • Slow water drainage
  • Noticeable, funky odors
  • Frequent clogging

How to Avoid Clogged Drains

Making drain cleaning part of your regular plumbing maintenance is the best way to avoid clogged drains and expensive plumbing repairs. Other ways you can prevent excess buildup and clogs are:

  • Be careful what you rinse down the kitchen sink: Certain foods don’t break down when rinsed with water, so they should be thrown in the garbage can instead of down the sink. Even if the garbage disposal grinds them up, they still won’t break down enough to pass completely through the pipes. In fact, smaller food particles can more easily get stuck in the pipes. To prevent clogs, consider throwing these foods in the garbage can:
    • Stringy or fibrous foods (corn husks, oranges, green bean shells, etc.)
    • Grease, fats, or oil – Pour them into a jar, a pie tin, or any other disposable container that can handle the heat and won’t leak. Once they solidify, throw them away.
    • Eggshells
    • Starchy foods that expand when wet (pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.)
    • Bones
    • Coffee grounds
  • Remove hair from shower drain after each use: Hair is a common culprit for clogged drains. Hair acts as a web for other bits and particles to collect, quickly clogging a drain. After each shower, remove any hair that collected on the drain grate.
  • Watch what goes into the toilet: We’ve seen it all — toys, jewelry, and other household items accidentally flushed down the toilet. Look out for accidents and be mindful of excess toilet paper, feminine products, dental floss, or other paper items. Toilet paper is the only type of paper that should be flushed down the toilet.

Drain Cleaning for Gaithersburg and Surrounding Areas.

For more than 20 years, Michael Bonsby has provided quality HVAC and plumbing services to homeowners in Montgomery County, MD, and the greater Washington, DC, area. Our technicians are trained and certified, and will thoroughly inspect and complete your job with utmost care and precision.

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