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Is water not going down your drains? Think you have a clogged sink or water drain? Let the experts at Michael Bonsby Plumbing & Drain Cleaning fix the problem! With our drain cleaning services in Montgomery County, we can clear the clog, clean the sewer and drain, and solve the problem.

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Reasons Your Drain Is Clogged

Almost every home will experience a clogged drain a time or two. There are many reasons why your drain could be clogged. However, the most common reasons include:

  • Grease – This is the most common cause of all in kitchen sinks. Fatty substances easily slide down the drain; however, can stick to piping which can cause a clog. To avoid grease clogging in your sink, avoid rinsing grease and other fatty foods down the drain.
  • Hair – A buildup of hair in the drain can be a major issue for homeowners. Over time, this blockage can get larger if the problem is not quickly resolved. To avoid hair building up in your drain, place a stopper to lessen the chance of hair going down the pipes.
  • Foreign objects – If you have children or pets, foreign objects can sometimes get placed where they don’t belong which can cause a blockage in your pipes. We have seen everything from bars of soap, toys, jewelry, clothing, and more get stuck in drains. To resolve the problem, call the plumbing experts at Michael Bonsby Plumbing & Drain Cleaning.

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