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Heat Pump Repair in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Having heat pump problems? For over 20 years, Michael Bonsby Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing friendly, reliable heating and air conditioning services to homeowners throughout the Gaithersburg, MD area. So if your heat pump breaks down at any point during the year and you need heat pump repair or replacement for your home, call us! We guarantee trustworthy service with fair and honest pricing.

If you need heat pump repair in Gaithersburg, MD, call Michael Bonsby Heating & Air Conditioning today at 301-990-7970 or click here to contact us online!

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You may need heat pump repair in Gaithersburg, MD if:

  • Your heat pump doesn’t cool or heat your home as well as it usually does. If you feel that your heat pump is not keeping your home as comfortable as normal during the year, call Michael Bonsby Heating & Air Conditioning.
  • Note: Heat pumps are essentially the same as air conditioners during the summer, but they are different from furnaces during the winter. One thing you may notice is cooler air than you’re used to blowing out of the vents—this is normal, and your heat pump will still get your home to the correct temperature. That said, if your heat pump is not making your house warm enough, call us!
  • Your heat pump doesn’t turn on and off when it’s supposed to, either when you turn it on manually or the cycle starts.
  • Your heat pump constantly trips its circuit breaker.
  • Your heating costs are higher than usual. If your heat pump is losing efficiency, you may have improper control settings or you could be using your thermostat improperly. Contact a specialist at Michael Bonsby Heating & Air Conditioning to diagnose your heat pump problem.
  • Your heat pump ices up during the summer or winter. Heat pump compressors go through natural freeze/defrost cycles constantly throughout the winter—this is why they have defrost timers. However, if your heat pump is frozen and stays that way, it may be due to inadequate elevation of the heat pump, especially in areas where snowfall can block drainage of condensate and cause it to freeze in the unit. Frozen heat pumps can also be caused by dirty air filters in the spring.
  • Your heat pump cycles on and off too frequently. If this happens, the first thing you should do is check the filter—a clogged filter can cause air flow problems which can lead to short-cycling. If your filters are clear and you’re still having problems, call Michael Bonsby Heating & Air Conditioning!
  • Your blower fan no longer works properly.
  • Your heat pump or ducts start making strange noises.

No matter what problems your heat pump is having, Michael Bonsby Heating & Air Conditioning should be the first ones you call! Our heat pump repair experts have been fixing broken heat pumps throughout Gaithersburg, MD area for decades. If you need heat pump repair, call us today!

Why call Michael Bonsby Heating & Air Conditioning for Gaithersburg, MD Heat Pump Service?

  • Family owned and operated, local HVAC company
  • Complete customer satisfaction guarantee from start to finish
  • Trained, educated, and licensed HVAC technicians
  • Accurate quotes for time, materials, and equipment
  • Fully licensed, bonded, and insured contractors
  • Member of Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)
  • Featured as HVAC provider on “This Old House”
  • 24-hour HVAC service—usually by the next day
  • Special HVAC financing available with approved credit

When you call us for a heat pump repair in Gaithersburg, MD, we’ll send a licensed, professional HVAC service technician to your door—in most cases the same day! Contact us today to get your system up and running fast.

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