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Michael Bonsby HVAC & Plumbing has been in business for over 20 years, serving the HVAC needs of homeowners in Ellicott City and surrounding areas.

Our expert technicians take pride in offering prompt, efficient, and affordable HVAC installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair service for all major brands.

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Emergency HVAC Services in Ellicott City

When your home is suddenly without heat in the depths of winter or without cooling in the height of summer, you don’t want to wait a moment longer than you must to get HVAC back up and running.

When you need help fast, so you don’t miss a night of sleep to sweltering heat or frigid cold, emergency HVAC services from the expert HVAC technicians at Michael Bonsby are just a phone call away.

Heating Services in Ellicott City

Need help with your heat in Ellicott City? When the Maryland winter hits its stride, you can find yourself relying on heat not only for comfort but for safety. That’s why it’s great to have a team you can trust to deliver all the heating services you need:

  • Heating repair: We’ll show up promptly, diagnose your problem, and offer a solution so you can be toasty and warm again.
  • Heating replacement & installationWhen you need a new furnace or other heating solution installed, we’ll help you identify the best unit for your needs and install it perfectly to spec so you’ll get the best possible results.
  • Heating maintenanceRegular maintenance is crucial to keep your heating systems working efficiently, reliably, and effectively.

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Air Conditioning Services in Ellicott City

Is your air conditioner giving your trouble? When you need help beating the heat, you can count on the team at Michael Bonsby to provide a full range of air conditioning services:

  • Air conditioning repair: When the AC cuts out on a sweltering day, the HVAC technicians at Michael Bonsby will show up fast to get things cool again with solutions you can count on.
  • Air conditioning replacement & installation: Need a new air conditioner? Whether you’re adding central air to your home or replacing an old system, you can trust our team to find the right system for your needs and install it flawlessly.
  • Air conditioning maintenance: Control costs, minimize your risk of breakdowns, and improve energy efficiency with annual maintenance before the summer hits.

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Other HVAC Services

There are many ways to keep your home comfortable through heating, cooling, and ventilation technology, and you can count on the team at Michael Bonsby to help with most of them:

  • Heat pumpsBenefit from incredible energy efficiency for heating and cooling with the option of ductless systems and multi-zone climate control.
  • Geothermal systemsGeothermal systems let you invest upfront in truly incredible energy efficiency — and the team at Michael Bonsby can help you install, maintain, and repair yours.
  • BoilersBoilers require more upfront investment, but nothing can compare for reliable longevity, energy efficiency, and comfortable, gentle heat.
  • Indoor air qualityIndoor air problems can have serious consequences for your health, well-being, and the service life of electrical and mechanical appliances. Let us show you what breathing truly clean air feels like.

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Professional HVAC Maintenance: It Keeps Your HVAC System Running Right

To protect your investment in your HVAC system, annual expert maintenance is key. Each spring and fall, we recommend a tune-up for your AC and furnace to prepare it for the coming season.

We’ll inspect, clean, and lubricate moving parts as needed to ensure your system continues running properly and efficiently over all the years you own it.

Annual preventive maintenance also lets us catch minor HVAC problems before they become major repairs. Our economical HVAC maintenance agreements offer perks and save you money on these annual checkups and our other services.

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Why Choose Michael Bonsby HVAC & Plumbing in Ellicott City, MD?

At Michael Bonsby HVAC & Plumbing, we’re a family-owned company offering a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can hire our team with confidence. We provide emergency HVAC services 24/7 to ensure your home comfort.

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How do I know when to replace my HVAC unit?

The most common HVAC issues that signal it’s time for heating and cooling system replacement are:

  • Approaching 15 years of service: The typical home AC or furnace system lasts up to 15 years. When your HVAC equipment is nearing the 15-year mark, it will likely need replacement soon.
  • Rising energy bills: Older HVAC systems operate inefficiently, using more fuel than necessary and much more than new models.
  • Frequent repair calls: If repairs for your heating and cooling systems are adding up, you may want to put those funds toward a new, ultra-efficient HVAC replacement instead.

What signs tell me my HVAC needs repairs?

Our skilled technicians can quickly repair the following HVAC problems:

  • Thermostat temperature seems incorrect
  • Pilot light goes out repeatedly or will not re-light
  • Rumbling, rattling, or other unusual sounds
  • Blower never turns off
  • Blower short-cycles (turning on and off repeatedly)
  • Poor heating or no heat
  • Any other HVAC problems you may notice/report

How can I make my HVAC system last as long as possible?

Homeowners should change air filters monthly in times of heavy usage and schedule annual professional maintenance. These tactics keep HVAC systems running like nearly new for as long as possible, delaying and minimizing your replacement costs.

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