How Natural Gas Can Save You Money

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One of the easiest ways for DC-area homeowners to save energy and money on their home heating bills is to opt for a natural gas furnace instead of an electric or fuel oil-powered heating system. According to the American Gas Association, the average homeowner saves nearly $700 each year by heating with natural gas!

Natural Gas Furnace Savings in the U.S.

Why is natural gas so affordable? Unlike electricity, which is man-made, natural gas is plentiful in our part of the world. Natural gas is easily and efficiently taken from the ground and, with a little refining, is piped directly to your provider and your home.

Natural gas heating systems can be up to 97 percent efficient, saving you money while also keeping your home more comfortable. Aside from gas furnaces, other ways to save with natural gas include your appliances, water heaters, grills, and fireplace.

Other Benefits of Natural Gas Furnaces

Natural gas-powered furnaces offer a number of benefits in addition to saving you money on your utility bills. These include:

Reducing your “carbon footprint.” Saving energy goes hand-in-hand with saving money on your utility bill. By using natural gas to heat your home, you’re reducing the amount of carbon emissions that are generated. It’s not only kinder to your family budget; it’s kinder to the planet.

Rebates and local tax credits. Some cities and natural gas providers offer incentives, such as municipal tax credits or cash rebates, for purchasing certain energy-efficient, natural gas appliances.

Outages are rare. While most of us can remember the last time the electricity went out, who can remember a natural gas outage? It rarely happens. When you opt for natural gas heating systems and appliances, you’ll have cooking facilities, hot water, and heat when the electricity is out.

Natural gas burns cleanly. Natural gas doesn’t require a storage tank as fuel oil does. It also burns cleaner, eliminating smoke and soot.

A gas furnace is odorless. With natural gas, all of the combustion byproducts are funneled to the exterior of your home via a vent or chimney, eliminating foul odors inside.

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