Boiler Repair

Your home’s boiler is a workhorse, heating your home through cold days and nights and providing the hot water you need to shower. When your boiler goes out, it’s a huge hassle. However, there are smaller issues to be aware of so you can get your boiler repaired before it quits on you. We’ll go over some of the problems that prompt boiler repair so you know when to call Michael Bonsby HVAC & Plumbing for top-tier boiler services.

Common Issues With Boilers

It can be hard to tell when boiler behavior is a real issue or a quirk of the system, especially in older boilers. More often than not, if you’re noticing anything different about your boiler’s operation, it likely needs repair. Look out for these signs that you need to call in the professionals.

  1. Noisy operation: Any unusual noises from your boiler could indicate limescale and grime building up on the heat exchanger and restricting water flow.
  2. Poor radiation: If your boiler isn’t heating your radiators the way it should, there may be air or sludge buildup. It could be just the top of the radiator, indicating that the boiler needs a bleed, or the whole thing may be cold⁠ — indicating you need a professional repair.
  3. Drips or leaks: You shouldn’t see any water outside of the boiler. If you do, there are multiple places a leak may have sprung, and you should call a service company to pinpoint the source before it causes damage to the system.
  4. Odors: Any odor coming from your boiler is cause to call for repairs. Smelling anything peculiar when the heating turns on means you may have a gas leak or the unit isn’t burning fuel completely.
  5. Switching off: Your boiler turning itself off is not only irritating and a waste of energy; it may indicate a variety of underlying problems, like low water pressure or a closed valve.

There are many issues your boiler can have, and the Michael Bonsby team is ready to diagnose and fix them promptly. Call us at 301-990-7970 to schedule service today.

Maximize Boiler Life With Maintenance

Boilers typically last 10 to 15 years. How you treat the boiler can shorten or extend that life span, and maintenance is key in prolonging its service life. Your boiler should be serviced and inspected at least once per year to keep it in good shape.

Call Michael Bonsby for Boiler Services

If you need boiler services in Montgomery County or Washington, DC, Michael Bonsby is the HVAC company to call. We have been providing service for more than 20 years, and our certified professional technicians are ready to maintain, repair, or even replace your boiler when needed.

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