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We can never get enough of clean, running water—be it at home, in a restaurant, or where we work! For the most part, you receive your running water from a single water line. When this water line is damaged, however, it is hard to ignore. Our local plumbing company is here to help.

If you have noticed that your water is discolored, if there has been a drop in water pressure, or if there are areas in your yard that are persistently wet or flooded, you may have a damaged water line. In cases like these, you will want to hire a plumber before the issue is allowed to get any worse!

Does your home or business have a damaged water line? Call our plumbers in Gaithersburg at 240-342-6910 for water line repair services available in Montgomery County, Howard County, and near Washington, DC!

Why Do I Need Water Line Repair Services?

Starting in 2016, Michael Bonsby HVAC & Plumbing has added licensed and experienced plumbers to the team as part of a newer department, Michael Bonsby Plumbing & Drain Cleaning. Our plumbing company provides an array of plumbing repair services to best care for your needs.

At your consultation for water line repair services, we may discuss the following causes contributing to you having a damaged water line or similar plumbing repair problems:

  • Tree roots growing into the water line
  • New construction causing damage to the pipes
  • Corrosive chemicals washed down drains
  • Buildup of dirt, grime, sediment, and debris
  • Foreign objects lodged in pipes
  • Frozen or damaged pipes

Do you need water line repair services in Gaithersburg, Maryland, or Cleveland Park in Washington, DC? For water line repair in an area near you, contact Michael Bonsby today!

Do I Need to Repair or Replace My Water Line?

When dealing with a water line repair issue, it’s best to schedule a consultation to discuss what option may be best for you. There are several factors that will warrant either water line repair or replacement services. They include:

  • The current extent of damage to the pipes
  • The age of your plumbing system (pipes)
  • What material your pipes are made of
  • How frequently you have needed repairs

At Michael Bonsby, we may also recommend a repair or replacement based off of what will be the most cost-effective solution for you in the long-term. If your home or business’s main water line is damaged beyond repair, it may be wiser to schedule a full system replacement than to attempt repeat repairs. In either case, our licensed plumbers take it to hear to provide honest feedback and upfront pricing.

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From professional drain cleaning services to plumbing repairs and water leak detection, our plumbing services range from proactive and preventative measures to services that work to undo years and years of neglect to your plumbing system. No matter the size of your plumbing repair problem, our plumbers are here to help!

Located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Michael Bonsby offers services throughout the Montgomery County and Howard County areas. We also service the areas of Columbia, Ellicott City, Germantown, Montgomery Village, Rockville, and Silver Spring. For services near Washington, DC, we service Brightwood, Cleveland Park, and Friendship Heights, DC.

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