When to Call an AC Repair Company

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Although the weather is cool and pleasant right now, the hot, humid Maryland summer is just a few weeks away. Knowing when to call an AC repair company before you turn your system on for the first time can help you determine the difference between poor operation due to lack of use and a real issue requiring professional service. Now is also the time for preventive air conditioner maintenance, which can help you detect any problems with your unit before it breaks down on the warmest day of summer.

Common Air Conditioner Problems Requiring Professional Repair

The first time you turn your air conditioner on, operation may not be perfect. Cleaning the dust off of the condenser or replacing the air filters can help you revive the unit on your own in many cases without the need for a professional AC repair company. However, any time you have to work with electricity and/or coolant, it’s best to call an experienced air conditioning contractor.

A few common reasons you’ll need to call your air conditioner repair company include:

  1. Your AC system isn’t cooling your house. One of the most worrisome AC repair problems is when your cooling system is running, but your house isn’t getting any cooler. Before you pick up the phone to call an AC repair company in Maryland or Washington, DC, make sure your thermostat is set properly and hasn’t been bumped or turned up too high. If your thermostat looks fine, check your condenser. Sometimes, a condenser that’s blocked with weeds and other debris will cause the system to be less efficient. If neither of these quick fixes work, it’s time to call a cooling contractor.
  2. Your system isn’t turning on. Thermostat issues and/or problems with the electrical circuit that powers the cooling system can often lead to this issue. Before you panic and assume that your system needs to be replaced, we recommend getting both components checked out.
  3. Your cooling system is turning on and off repeatedly. Another common AC issue occurs when the system turns on only to turn back off again without cooling your rooms. Called short-cycling by DC-area HVAC professionals, this can be the result of a malfunctioning thermostat or a system that’s clogged with dust and dirt. Your AC repair company can thoroughly clean your system or install a new thermostat to correct this problem.

When You Need an AC Repair Company in MD or DC, Call Michael Bonsby HVAC!

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