Five Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber

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Are you facing a plumbing problem? Many homeowners try to save a little money by fixing these problems themselves. But, what are you losing as a result? Here are five reasons that hiring a professional plumber, rather than trying to …

Health Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

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The majority of us spend most of our time indoors, so the quality of the air we breathe inside is an important part of our overall health. Unfortunately, that air is often not as safe as it should be. Indoor …

Check These Things Before You Turn on Your Air Conditioner

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Spring is coming, and with it comes thoughts of summer picnics and days at the beach. Yet in the heating and cooling industry, spring is the season when most people start switching from heat to air conditioning in preparation for …

Why Does my Basement Smell Like Sewer

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Your home is your castle, and you want that castle to be clean and inviting. If you walk into your basement and smell a sewage smell, then you are failing at reaching that goal. Michael Bonsby Heating & Air Conditioning recently …

How to Tell If Your Ducts Are Sealed

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Your ducts are an important part of your heating and cooling system. If they are not working correctly, you could be wasting heated or cooled air as well as money!  Ducts that are leaky will leak the heated and cooled …

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