Why Is My AC Blowing Warm Air?

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When you run your air conditioner, you expect it to cool your home and do it fast. Sometimes, however, your system may run into problems that cause it to blow warm air instead. Why does this happen? A variety of …

10 Things That Shouldn’t Go Down the Drain

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Protecting your drains from severe blockages starts with knowing what you shouldn’t put down them in the first place. There are plenty of items that homeowners mistakenly think are harmless to flush down the toilet or wash away down the …

Keep Your AC Efficient by Sealing Your Ducts!

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What do you think causes most air conditioner inefficiency? Part of it has to do with the system’s SEER. The quality of installation is another big one. But ultimately, the thing that makes the most difference in determining your air conditioner’s efficiency level is the quality of your ductwork! We’ve seen people who have had to pay 30 percent more for cooling due to leaky ducts—sealing the ducts saved them a lot of money!

How Long Will My Home’s Pipes Last?

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If you’re trying to keep your home plumbing in good condition, you’ll inevitably wonder how long you can expect your home’s pipes to last — even more so if you’re considering purchasing new plumbing or recently have. Today, we’ll look …

6 Things to Do BEFORE You Turn On Your Furnace

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Wondering When You Should Turn on Your Furnace This Year? Since Fall is in full swing, evenings in Maryland and Washington, DC are getting colder. You may even be thinking it’s time to turn on your heating system for the …

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