Sanyo ECO-i Heat Pump

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly way to create the most comfortable living space in your Maryland or Washington, DC home or office with the least amount of hassle? The Sanyo ECO-i heat pump system is a revolutionary heating and cooling system that continues the tradition of excellence from Sanyo HVAC Solutions. The ECO-i heat pump system automatically alters its heating and cooling output based on the conditions in individual rooms. To find out how you can get this amazing, intuitive system installed in your home, call Michael Bonsby HVAC.

How the Sanyo ECO-i heat pump works

The Sanyo ECO-i consists of a compact and efficient outdoor heat pump that can be connected to up to nine zone-based indoor units, all individually programmable. Units do not have to be connected at the same time and more can be added as necessary. Each of these indoor units senses changes in individual room conditions, such as room capacity heat loads and varying sun exposure, and instantly adjusts its output based on these factors.

The Sanyo ECO-i heat pump uses a highly advanced, inverter controlled compressor that can match up the rotational speed of the compressor to the exact amount of refrigerant needed in each zone. This method allows the heat pump to conserve thermal power during partial-load periods and ensures that no excess energy is lost. All of the units are connected to a single refrigerant piping unit that uses the environmentally friendly R-410a refrigerant.

Because it uses variable levels of refrigerant, the Sanyo ECO-i heat pump provides healthier air quality for you and your family or coworkers. This heat pump is perfectly suited for light commercial and residential buildings. The ECO-i heat pump system has a small, space-conserving design and is made for ultimate efficiency, making it a smarter solution for those trying to reduce their environmental impact while still achieving maximum comfort in their homes or offices.

Benefits of Sanyo ECO-i heat pump

The Sanyo ECO-i heat pump is built with the environment and your ultimate comfort in mind. Utilizing the environmentally friendly R-410a refrigerant, the Sanyo Eco-i heat pump can be used without harming the Earth’s ozone layer. Also, since it can sense the exact level of output needed in each zone, the Sanyo ECO-i heat pump operates at the perfect capacity needed to make each room as comfortable as it needs to be without having to waste any thermal energy.

Additionally, the Sanyo ECO-i heat pump system requires almost no ductwork – it relies mostly on a few small pipe connections. These connections can be individually fitted into each room in your home or building, allowing the Sanyo ECO-i heat pump to be customized for every individual customer or situation. Also, the Sanyo ECO-i heat pump system uses less refrigerant, improving air quality and therefore a better living environment.

When you are ready to experience a revolution in heat pump technology in your Maryland (MD) or Washington, DC home or office, call Michael Bonsby HVAC. We can install your Sanyo ECO-i heat pump system and get you saving money and the environment today!

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