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The main sewer line carries all the wastewater from a building to the municipal sewer system or septic system. If it is leaking or damaged, it can create a huge mess and leave the drain system in your home or business inoperable.

For fast, professional repairs of sewer line problems in Maryland or the Washington, DC area, turn to our team at Michael Bonsby HVAC & Plumbing. We serve Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Ellicott City, and beyond.

We proudly offer sewer line repair and replacement, and our licensed, professional plumbers are available 24/7 for emergency service.

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Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair

A leaking sewer line can cause extensive damage to your home and property. To minimize the repair costs, call our team at Michael Bonsby right away when you notice any of the following signs of sewer line problems:

  • Drains that are slow or clog repeatedly
  • Foul odors from the drains
  • Abnormal gurgling or bubbling sounds when the drains are used
  • Wastewater that backs up and spills out of floor or bathtub drains
  • Puddles, damp spots, or foul odors in the yard
  • Abnormal plant growth or discoloration

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What Causes Sewer Line Problems?

Reducing Sewer Line Repair Issues

If your home or business is prone to plumbing problems, there may be several contributing factors. Although our plumbers like to see you, we suggest watching for the following scenarios to help you save on repairs!

  • Tree root systems: Tree roots naturally travel in search of water sources. Unfortunately, that means your sewer line is at risk of being ensnared by neighboring root systems over time.
  • Temperature changes: A homeowner’s worst nightmare is a burst pipe, which often occurs when there is a sudden and significant change in temperature around the pipes. Frozen soil and frost upheaval can lead to sewer line damages that require repairs.
  • Damaged pipes: Do you have old or damaged pipes in your home or business? Sewer lines often fail due to material degradation, cracks, corrosion, and crushing. In these cases, we may recommend a sewer line replacement.
  • Construction or accidental damage: If you’re about to start a construction project for your home that involves digging around your sewer lines, you want to know exactly where your plumbing system lies to avoid unnecessary damage.

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Sewer Line Inspections

One of the best ways to keep your main sewer line in great condition is through regular inspections and maintenance. At Michael Bonsby, we offer sewer and drain cleaning services that can get rid of things like grease, hair, and paper in the drains, or tree roots that enter the pipes from outside and lead to clogs and pipe damage.

Plus, we can provide sewer line inspections using pipe cameras to identify any issues before they become a major problem. Other things you can do to keep your sewer line flowing smoothly include:

  • Throwing cooking grease and oil in the garbage instead of the drain
  • Installing screens or baskets in drains to catch hair and food particles
  • Flushing only toilet paper and waste down the toilet
  • Keeping flushable wipes, baby wipes, tissues, and personal hygiene products out of the drains
  • Scheduling drain and sewer cleaning periodically to prevent clogs

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Why Choose Michael Bonsby for Sewer Repairs?

With more than 25 years of service in Maryland and the DC area, our team at Michael Bonsby has the skill and experience to handle any sewer problem you may encounter.

We offer everything from sewer cleaning and repairs to complete replacement, and we will make sure the job is done right the first time. Our team is available 24/7 for help when you need it, and we offer same-day service throughout the DC area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does homeowners insurance cover sewer line repairs?

A standard homeowners insurance contract generally doesn’t cover repair or replacement of your sewer line, and almost all of them deliberately avoid being responsible for damages caused by sewer line problems, i.e., backups or leaks into your yard.

If you have sewer line coverage, it will likely be because you purchased it as an addition to your coverage. To be certain either way, you should check with your insurer.

When do I need to replace my sewer line?

You should replace your sewer line when simple symptom-treating solutions like drain cleaning can no longer restore function to your plumbing and eliminate problems. If you have a sewer line leaking into your yard due to perforations, perhaps courtesy of tree roots or another problem, you will need to replace that line.

If your sewer lines are corroded due to age or caustic chemicals going down your drains, you will similarly need replacement.

The symptoms are largely similar to clogs, i.e., slow drains, bad smells, gurgling, though you may also see additional problems like unusually fast-growing patches of greenery in your yard, standing water, pests, etc.

Will you have to tear up my yard?

There are several popular ways to replace a sewer line when necessary, one of which is trenchless repair. In a trenchless sewer line repair/replacement, pipe is fed into the ground with a special spearhead to penetrate the existing line and burst it into pieces underground. This leaves the new pipe in the old pipe’s place without digging up the whole pipe.

However, trenchless repair isn’t always an option, and a traditional sewer line replacement will involve digging.

How long will sewer line repairs take?

How long a sewer line replacement or repair might take can vary significantly depending on the methods, complications, and availability of components for each job. It could be completed in a few hours, or it could be a more involved project taking days.

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