How Often Should I Change My Home’s Air Filters?

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Clean air filters in your home mean a better functioning HVAC system, lower energy bills and improved air quality. But, how often do you need to change your furnace and air conditioning filters to keep your air filters clean?

The standard fiber glass filter should be changed once a month. However, that also depends on your home. If you own pets and don’t favor vacuuming, or live near an industrial center, you may have to clean your air filters more often. At the same time, depending on the size of your household, don’t be surprised if the filters are not very dirty after only 30 days. Either way, it is best to check once a month to make sure your air filters are clean.

In a forced air system, air is recycled from the interior of the home, heated or cooled, and pushed through the HVAC air filters. While passing through the system, the HVAC filters trap dust, dirt and allergens before sending the air back into the home. The dirtier the HVAC system’s air filters, the harder the system has to work in order to function properly. By keeping your filters clean, you increase the lifespan of your heating and air conditioning system and also save on your utility bills.

To clean or replace your air filters, turn off your HVAC system and locate the service panel. Remove the filters and rinse each panel removing the dust and dirt in the sink or outside with a hose. Let the filters air dry and then place them back into the system. In some cases you may need a screwdriver to remove and re-secure each panel. It is also a good idea to keep extra filters on hand in case one cracks or breaks, so that you have a spare if the filter breaks during inclement weather.

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