Why Get a Furnace Tune-Up This Fall?

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You may have been putting off your furnace tune-up for this year as your furnace seems to be running fine. While it may seem you are saving money in the short term, leaving your furnace unchecked all winter may actually cost you more in the long run. If you haven’t had a tune-up recently, you may want to watch out for a few signs that can indicate a problem with your furnace.

Signs That You Should Get a Furnace Tune-Up

The following signs are good indications that it’s time to call a professional heating team for furnace maintenance services:

  • Rising energy costs – if you have noticed a sudden rise in your energy costs, this can be an indication that your furnace is not running as efficiently as it can. A dirty furnace will need to work harder to get your home warm, causing your costs to rise.
  • Hot and cold spots – a furnace that is not working effectively can produce uneven heating throughout your home. This means you can have one room that is boiling hot and other rooms that feel too cold.
  • No heat – if you turn your furnace on only to find it is blowing cold air or not blowing at all, it is time to call a professional right away.
  • Loud noises – banging or popping noises could be due to dust or dirt buildup in your furnace or your home’s vents.
  • Cycling – if your thermostat is switching on and off constantly, this is a good indication that something is wrong. The problem could be with your furnace’s wiring or it may be the thermostat itself.
  • Rising repair costs – calling constantly for furnace repair is not normal. When a furnace is not cleaned and maintained, its life span will be reduced and problems may regularly start popping up. Regular maintenance can help your system run efficiently and effectively throughout its lifetime.
  • Aging furnace – an older furnace will need regular care to ensure that it is working as efficiently as it can. When a furnace ages, things can start to go wrong, you can reduce the chances of major repairs by caring for your furnace on a regular basis.

We also offer a service called a Home Energy Assessment that can help you determine other ways you can save money in regards to your HVAC system.

Why Have a Fall Furnace Tune-Up?

You might be asking yourself: “Should I have my furnace checked every year?” We recommend it, especially in the fall before the weather gets too chilly. There are many advantages to keeping your furnace in good condition, and these advantages include:

  • A longer life span
  • Reduced energy cost
  • A comfortable home
  • A safe heating system
  • Cleaner air inside your home
  • Reduced repair costs

Proactively tuning up your furnace today will save you time, money, and cold nights this winter!

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