Mitsubishi’s INVERTER Technology will Change your Mind about Heat Pumps

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This winter’s polar vortex has soured many people on the idea of using a heat pump to heat their homes. Heat pumps are extremely efficient at temperatures above 20 F, but once it starts to get colder than that, their efficiency and effectiveness starts to drop off dramatically. We’ve been feeling temperatures in the single digits recently, and some people who currently use heat pumps may be wondering if they need to make the switch to a furnace.

Mitsubishi’s INVERTER Changes All That

Imagine sitting comfortably inside the house while it’s -13 F outside. Or your heat pump working at full efficiency when the temperature gets down to 5 F. Hyper-Heating INVERTER (h2i) technology makes this possible! With an outdoor unit that recollects normally wasted heat energy, the system overcomes the most common issues with heat pumps and allows it to keep your home warm no matter what the outside temperature. In addition, it allows heat outputs comparable to gas furnaces. One of the most common issues people have with heat pumps is that they blow out cooler air than people are used to. Heat pumps with INVERTER technology pump out air as warm as 100 F – 110 F, even when the outdoor temperature dips into the single digits and below!

Continuous Comfort

Unlike your standard fixed-speed or staged heat pumps, the INVERTER-driven compressor in the h2i adjusts its speed precisely to match the load requirements within each zone. This allows the compressor to provide constant comfort all year long.

INVERTER Technology Conventional Technology
Precise rotation speed control provides comfortable, consistent room temperatures Has uncomfortable temperature fluctuations
High rotation speed provides fast cooling and heating Takes a long time to reach your desired temperature
Low rotation speed keeps the starting current low, consuming less energy Requires heavy energy usage every time the compressor turns on

Mr. Slim P-Series H2i Heat Pumps The Hyper-Heating INVERTER Mr. Slim P-Series models add even greater performance to Mitsubishi’s leading product line by providing the extra level of heat needed to give you comfort when the temperature drops below normal. Mounted on the wall or hidden in the ceiling, the indoor units connected to the H2i P-Series outdoor units are enough to keep you comfortable on their own. The INVERTER-driven compressors ensure quick, consistent comfort while conserving energy. And with the integration of Mitsubishi Electric’s exclusive innovative flash technology, the Mr. Slim P-Series heat pumps exhibit 100 percent of rated heating capacity at 5 F and 87 percent at -4 F outdoor temperatures. If this winter has turned you off the idea of installing a heat pump in your home, one look at the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim P-Series heat pump with INVERTER technology will quickly change your mind. Michael Bonsby HVAC & Plumbing is the only licensed Mitsubishi dealer in the area, and we can help keep your home comfortable even when the temperature gets as cold as it has the last few weeks. Call us today!

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