Differences Between Oil & Gas Furnaces

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If you are trying to figure out the best way to heat your home, you may be tossing up between a gas or oil furnace. These two systems work differently to heat your home; and the one you choose may depend on what you are looking for when heating your home.

So, what are the differences between gas and oil furnaces? Hopefully, this post will help clear this question up, allowing you to make the best decision for your home.

Pro’s and Con’s of Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are often more economical due to the fact that heating oil is more expensive than gas. Gas is produced here in our own country providing a stable supply—which helps keep costs down. There are other advantages that gas furnaces offer, these include:

  • A higher heating efficiency, heating your home quicker.
  • Gas furnaces have a constant supply, unlike oil that can run out.
  • Furnaces that run on gas are quieter and cleaner than an oil furnace.
  • Gas furnaces don’t have to be regularly maintained, however you should have a professional clean and check them over once a year.

The two main negatives of a gas furnace are that they cost more to install and gas provides less heat per BTU than its oil counterpart. If you do not have gas lines running straight into your home, it may be a large investment initially to hook up your home with a natural gas supply.

Pro’s and Con’s of Oil Furnaces

Oil as a heating source which costs slightly more than gas. This type of fuel often has to be supplied from overseas countries; however there are also some positives to using an oil furnace:

  • A new oil furnace costs less to purchase than a new gas furnace.
  • An oil furnace will provide more heat per BTU than other systems.
  • Regular maintenance can be completed easily.

The negatives when it comes to oil furnaces include the fact that you need to have a service contract in place for regular maintenance. An on-site storage tank needs to be placed on your property and you will have to schedule regular oil deliveries to make sure you have enough fuel on hand.

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The best system for your home may depend on what type of system you currently have in place and what type of fuel you prefer. It is always a good idea to take into account all of the negatives and positives when it comes to making a decision.

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