Thermostat FAQ: On vs. AUTO

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When it comes to those important little devices throughout your home your thermostat is probably one of the most important. It controls your comfort levels and helps your furnace to run efficiently. So what do all those little switches and levels on your thermostat actually mean?

One of these switches or choices is the On and Auto switch, you may have it just switched on to Auto not actually aware what it is doing, or you may have played with it hoping to work it out. This article should help you understand what this option means when it comes to your thermostat.

ON and AUTO Options

The on and auto setting has to do with your home’s fan. Knowing what each option does can help you control the comfort levels in your home and help save a little money in the process.

When you switch over to on this will allow your furnace fan to run constantly, this means it will be running even when your system is not heating or cooling your home.

When you have it on auto this allows the fan to run only when the heating or cooling system is running.

So looking at these two options you may think it’s a simple choice, but before you choose on or auto there are a few things to consider.

  • When your thermostat’s fan is set to constantly be ON it is circulating the air in your home, this may actually help keep the air in your home distributed evenly, leaving it to feel more comfortable.  The key to getting the most of this is to only use the on button when you are at home. If you have it running all of the time, you could be wasting a lot of energy.
  • If you have family living in your home that suffer from allergies or asthma, leaving the fan ON will help catch more allergens and particles as the air circulates through your home. This can help reduce the chance of respiratory infections and irritation.
  • The best time to use the AUTO switch is when you are not home—on vacation, at work, gone for the weekend, etc. The advantage of the auto button is that the cycling helps reduce your energy costs.

Your personal choices influence which setting you will use the most. Some homeowners are concerned with comfort levels, therefore they will probably feel better running their fan constantly. Other homeowners would like to reduce their energy costs and using the auto setting instead of constantly running the fan can help with this. You can use either setting or use them together to gain the most benefits.

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