How to Reduce Asthma and Allergy Symptoms with Comfort Control Systems

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The air inside your house can aggravate allergies and breathing conditions like asthma, no matter how often you vacuum and dust. In fact, dusting often has the reverse effect than intended, recirculating the dust, rather than removing it. If you have an older home, pets, or carpets, the problem can be even worse. Plus, according to “Consumer Reports,” outdoor air pollutants like pollen and car exhaust enter the average house approximately every two hours.

Fortunately, there are several comfort control systems that can improve indoor air quality, leaving you and your family breathing easier.

The best comfort control systems for improved indoor air quality in the summer include:

  1. Air purification systems. An air purification system can be added on to your regular heating and cooling system. It works to remove and destroy contaminants, like dust particles, from the conditioned air before it is circulated into your home. Certain types of air purifiers for allergies, such as the UV light system, can be used to eliminate bacteria and odors from your air for an even healthier space.
  2. Air filtration systems. An air filtration system, on the other hand, removes smoke, pollen, allergens, pet dander, dust, and other indoor allergens by capturing them in a filter or series of filters attached to your heating or cooling system.
  3. Dehumidifiers. Just as a humidifier can combat dry air issues in the winter, a dehumidifier can restore proper moisture levels during Maryland’s humid summer months. This reduces the potential for harmful mold growth that exacerbates allergy, asthma, and other respiratory issues.
  4. Other systems that improve the air quality in your home. You can also get a degree of relief from dust and allergens by using stand-alone air cleaners. These have the benefit of being more economical, portable, and easy to install (all you do is insert the filter and plug in the unit). However, unlike whole-house systems, they are limited in effectiveness and can be noisy. Free-standing air purifiers also have a shorter lifespan than whole-house systems and generally need filters to be replaced every 30 to 60 days.

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